Working with AZ Web Design, I created long-form copy for West Valley Kitchen & Bath, a company that needed a fresh take on its website. This included doing research on their topics of interest and creating a variety of long-form content such as informational pages and blog posts. I met with the clients at West Valley to get to know them as people and get an idea of their brand identity. Light SEO was needed for this project in the form of occasional keywords across the site's content. This project is what gave me my passion for SEO and teaching myself.
I rewrote the "About Us" page and added more relevant details for the customer's family-centered brand to better communicate who West Valley is as a company. I also included SEO keywords throughout the post to enhance online engagement.
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I researched topics relevant to the services West Valley provided in order to create service-relevant blog posts that potential clients could read and educate themselves about renovating their homes. West Valley is a family-based brand that puts importance on educating its clients.
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I researched two main services that West Valley provides in order to inform potential clients about the main types of remodeling they specialize in. These posts aim to acknowledge both the emotional and financial aspects of these remodels and comfort the client in their decision.
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I compiled the FAQ from the previous West Valley website and searched for possible solutions and answers to each question. Once I compiled enough information, I wrote the information with a personal tone that matches the family-centered and supportive brand identity of West Valley.
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