Amplemarket is a sales platform that focuses on using AI technology to streamline the general process and allow business owners to focus more on the big picture of their company.
For this client, I was tasked with creating a newsletter email, a blog entry and a media post where I am addressing Amplemarket customers and decision-makers within the industry. For each, I explained my research process and the SEO tactics I used.
Newsletter Email
Target: Amplemarket Customers
Topic: Product Updates

Header: Amplemarket Product Updates 
Teaser: Don’t miss out on these new features! 
Subject: Amplemarket Product Updates 
Body: Enjoying our service so far? Just as your business continues to grow and change, we continue to provide you with updates to your favorite product. To make things even better, the newest Amplemarket product updates are here!  
At Amplemarket, we create features that allow you to focus on your business and your big picture. We know that you already enjoy using our smart AI that does the behind-the-scenes work, so you don’t have to. This is why we continue to give you updates that make it even better by adding the personal touch and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. 
Now, you can start saving time with Smart Actions! This feature does the small things like making sure reps circle back when someone is out of office, adding people to do-not-contact lists when requested, and never missing error-prone tasks so that you can give your time to other matters of your business. Our AI understands what people say and knows how to properly respond and move content forward.  
CTA: Visit our website to learn more about Amplemarket product updates! 
SEO Tactics:
Currently, I use SEMrush to look at SEO aspects of my projects. For this assignment, I started with putting the Amplemarket website into the program. This shows me a lot of aspects such as organic traffic, keywords by intent, keywords already used on the site, and how they rank. I put “Product Updates” into the organic research tab, and it told me that, for #1 of this assignment, Amplemarket Product Updates is already a high-ranking key phrase. This makes the SEO aspect of the newsletter email copy simpler. I made sure to use it in the header, subject, in the first sentence of the body, and the CTA so that the content has the best chance of ranking high. I’m unsure of the order of features added to the platform, so I targeted the email smart actions as the new feature. 
Research Approach:
I looked at the social media and website of Amplemarket to get an idea of their branded tone. Once I felt confident in that, I researched on what features they offer and how I can assemble a product update email. I made sure to inform the reader through a summary of what is updated, while then guiding them to learn the specifics through the CTA. 
Blog Entry
Target: Decision-Makers
Topic: How will AI impact The Work Of Sales Reps?

AI Impact On Sales Reps 
There is a new playbook for sales. What worked 5 years ago doesn’t cut it anymore. As the field of sales is constantly growing and evolving, AI has been more recently utilized as a tool to do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work. This allows for people to better see their audience and how their efforts can best be used. 

Why AI? 
Businesses, even small ones, create a lot of customer data that typically goes without a use. If used properly, this data can help businesses answer questions they have about how they are doing statistically online, as well as provide sale agents with information they need to get answers faster and more efficiently. 
AI is transforming the marketplace, both before and after any sales are made. There are many other benefits to using AI. 

Increasing Selling Time: Agents are able to give simple things like routine tasks and common queries to an AI, while focusing on other things such as sales and prospecting. This allows the agent to spend more of their time getting the results they need to move to move forward. 
Decreasing Calling Time: Sales AI are able to provide 24/7 support to customers and leads via customer chat bots and virtual assistants. This can lead to a decrease in dropped calls and make it easier for people to get the information they need. 
Improving Lead Generation: The automatic processes of an AI allow them to filter through leads and categorize them on responsiveness, qualification, and likelihood of retaining the lead long-term. 
Forecasting Sales Accurately: Through the power of AI algorithms, sales reps can predict actual sale rates months in advance with a higher degree of accuracy. This allows organizations to better plan production, inventory, and resources. 

Streamlining The Process 
From virtual assistants and chatbots to reading and responding to emails, AI streamlines the things that need to be done in the background so that you have more time to focus on other things in your business. Today, there are a few main functions that you can utilize to grow your organization. 
Customer Interaction: Chat bots and virtual assistants can be utilized to answer basic queries and give the customer information they need. They can also screen calls and direct the user towards the right answer without getting additional people involved. 
Provide Detailed Analytics: Emails, phone calls and chats can all be stored and analyzed by an AI who then uses the information to give a sales rep the information they need, all automatically. Once these protocols are in place, they will continue to give you information until something changes. 
Process Mining: By handling real-time data such as documents, CRM, and other IT systems, AI is able to discover, monitor, and develop actual processes to give real results. 

More Time, More Money 
While the age of AI has taken some getting used to, it is now more commonly seen as a tool that can give organizations, no matter the size, an edge they didn’t have before. With things moving quicker and more efficiently, AI technology has countless possibilities that haven’t been discovered yet. It is best to embrace these new changes and continue to push the potential of your organization. 

Start the AI Journey with Amplemarket 
As we start to see a lager AI impact on sales reps, it is increasingly important that you choose to work with one that will work for you. Visit our homepage to learn more about how Amplemarket uses AI to help you sell in today’s environment. 
SEO Tactics:
Seeing as the main idea of this article is the impact of AIs, the first thing I did was see what SEMrush has to say about the keywords “AI Impact”. The difficulty in ranking is the main thing I look for when I am deciding which keyword to use. Then, to get a better idea of how the web interacts with my key phrase, I put it into Google to see the results. The results brought me to a page that mostly talked about the AI impact on society. This showed me the importance of the full phrase “AI Impact on Sales Reps”, so I decided to move forward with that as my key phrase. I used it in the title and CTA to try and rank.
Research Approach:
The first thing that I did was put the question “How will AI impact the work of Sales reps?” into Google and read the top-ranking articles on this question to get an idea of what people are saying about it. Next, I narrowed my content down into 3 main ideas that the reader can follow as they learn about this topic. There was a bit of research to be done in each idea to ensure that it was useful information and not just filler.  I ended the article with a CTA that directs the reader further into the Amplemarket website to learn about the use of their services. 
Media Post
Target: Decision-Makers
Topic: Modern Sales Stack for Leading Growth Teams
Header: Add Amplemarket To Your Sales Stack 
Body: Progressive organizations are continually building their sales stack to get the upper-hand in the market. Control your data in one place with Amplemarket, the smart AI program that makes your data work for you. 
CTA: Simplify your sales stack with Amplemarket
SEO Tactics:
Since the topic is so long, I first tried seeing how it ranked in SEO if I broke it up. I tried “leading growth teams” and “modern sales stack”. Both didn’t seem to be specific enough to rank as well as I’d hoped. To simplify things, I decided to go with “sales stack”. It ranked better and went smoother into the header. I used it in the body and CTA as well to increase the chance of ranking well. 
Research Approach:
I researched sales stack (often called tech stack) and growth marketing teams to get a better idea of the intended audience and what this ad is trying to do. Amplemarket has many functions, so I decided to write the ad with that aspect. 
* This content is unofficial and not the final product for the brand.
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