Denim Privé is a sustainable denim manufacturer based in Pakistan. They are a B2B business and working with brands like Zara and H&M.  The main focus of their brand is to create high-end,  sustainable fabrics to create less waste in the fashion industry.
I was tasked with creating a series of social media posts for this brand. It was important to the client that I include social media holidays, such as Give Something Away Day. Brand identity is very important to this client, so the tone needed to accurately capture the culture. After some time spent researching their online presence and what was most important to them, I crafted the media posts below.

The importance is in the details. That is why Denim Privé strives to focus our efforts on the sustainability issues that are critical to our planet and our communities. We do this through our denim made from recycled materials and our eco-friendly dye.  
Looking to lessen your ecological footprint as a consumer? On July 15th, give the gift of eco-friendly, sustainable clothing you can feel good about with Denim Privé. #GiveSomethingAwayDay 
We reduce the number of new materials made in the fashion industry with our PCW recycling plant that shreds pre and post-consumer waste and re-spins the soft fibres into yarn. This yarn is then fabricated into denim, and finally into a new pair of jeans. Want to learn more about the #DenimPrivéProcess ? Visit our website for more information! 
At Denim Privé, we minimize our ecological footprint by incorporating the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of our products. With this, we get one step closer to help close the loop of material consumption in the fashion industry. 
Today, we’re celebrating the amazing people that make up the Denim Privé community. What’s your favorite way to wear our sustainable styles? Tag us to be featured! #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay 
* This content is unofficial and not the final product for the brand.
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