Klaviyo is a technology company that focuses on using a marketing automation platform to streamline email and SMS process and procedures for businesses.
My task for this client was to create a blog post and do my own research on the topic. It was important that the information I gave was both eye-catching and accurate. I included a numbered list in this post because numbered lists rate better for SEO.
Klaviyo Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Results 

Why do these tips matter? 
Used to both inform and keep the consumer engaged, an email strategy is a useful tool for any business venture. From mobile-optimizing your emails to the details and length of the subject line, Klaviyo has many useful tips that can be included in your email marketing strategy to give it an upper hand. 

Top tips To Improve Your Results: 
Keep emails mobile-optimized: Studies at Litmus state that mobile opens now represent over 50% of total email opens. Making sure content is mobile-optimized will allow users on both desktops and mobile platforms to better receive the material. 
Clear Call to Action: Including a CTA will help the consumer know where to go or what the next step is for the content. It can be anything from a QR code for a coupon or visiting the website to learn more. 
Short subject lines: It is recommended to keep this between 4-7 words long. This will allow the reader to quickly get an idea of the email's content and decide if they are engaged or not. Choose wisely! 
Skip the "noreply" sender: Emails sent from a person with a name seem more genuine, while noreply can come off as overly automatic. 
Hyperlink the emails' images: Direct the hyperlink to a relative place on the main website. This allows for more traffic on the site and customer engagement. 
Add social sharing buttons: Typically placed in the footer of the email, these buttons will link the reader to your social media. Use this to bring traffic to more personal areas of advertising your brand. 
Clean up your email list: Inactive subscribers can negatively affect your emails' open and clickthrough rates. Cleaning up the email list allows interested readers to be a larger part of your results. 

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* This content is unofficial and not the final product for the brand.
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